Question: What is the ROI for putting solar in my house or business?

Answer: It used to be a very long ROI cycle, but with mass production, global competition and improvement of technologies, the ROI is as short as 4-6 years. Hundreds of thousands of installs are done around the world because it made economic sense in Germany, Australia and the USA. Their electric rates are almost half and installation costs are x4 than the Philippines but they still do it because it makes economic and social sense. The Philippines has one the highest electricity costs in Asia because we have to burn oil for our power and we have no doubt no shortage of sunshine. If you look at your power bill there are all these add on charges such as system losses( euphemism for power loses caused by illegal connections and bad equipment), random fees plus 12% VAT at the end of it. In short we are paying way too much with nothing to show for it after everything. With solar you are increasing the value of your home or business, you are slowly but effectively reducing your power consumption and pollution caused by traditional power generation. It makes economic sense to own your own power instead of renting it. The PV system will last up to 25 years or even more, key components has a warranty for 5 years and chances are power rates will only go up as they are oil based commodities. We can plan systems to have scalability in mind and can easily add on more capacity as your budget grows or you get convinced on the value of free air conditioning.

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