4 Extraordinary Uses of Solar Panels in the Philippines

4 Extraordinary Uses of Solar Panels in the Philippines

What are the improvised uses of solar panels?

  1. Device battery charging
  2. Water heating (and cooling)
  3. All around ventilation
  4. Outdoor lighting

With the decrease in solar panel prices in the Philippines and all over the world, people can now make use of solar energy in every way imaginable; aside from using it as an alternative to the traditional utility grid of electricity, that is. Going green with solar energy has provided the world of new ways to power up appliances, home utility tools, and even tech accessories, further saving utility grid provided electricity.

In this article, we’ll show you 4 extraordinary uses of solar panels and solar energy; all of which you can try at home!


Battery Charging

Have you ever thought of using solar energy in charging your batteries? Well, we think it’s time to do so. Sunlight is always present, and not using it even for small applications can be a waste. Thankfully, there are companies that sell solar-powered device chargers helping innovate the way people charge their devices’ batteries. Though, if you have the right materials, you can also opt to create your own device solar charger! Building one can help you better your devices especially when you’re doing outdoor activities such as traveling and camping.


Water Heating

Swimming pools are better used when it’s not too cold to dip in. This very problem can be solved through adding a solar blanket in the pool to warm up your water, or perhaps a solar heating system to help you better get the job done. What the solar heating system does is it uses the light collected from the sunlight and converts it to heat. The solar panels will be mounted on your roof to collect the heat, and from there, the heat will be passed onto the pool. Thus, increasing the pool’s water temperature. Conversely, this technology can also be used in cooling pool water especially during hot seasons.



Despite the widespread use of air conditioning units, ventilation fans are still very common. This goes most especially in the sala, dining room, kitchen, and many other areas where unwanted air are most existent and the need to circulate the air in return for a cleaner one is vital. More than anything, it helps remove foul odor at home. However, it cannot be denied that the use of both air conditioners and fans can rather amount to particular returns on your utility bills. The practical alternative is using solar-powered fans that you can either buy or build yourself. 



When you come home at night, you definitely prefer seeing light both inside and outside of your home. This does not only make your home look visible, rather it also helps in avoiding unwanted guests at night. With solar lighting, you can make your home as well-lit as possible without worrying about your utility bills. The solar panels can help charge the batteries during daytime and make use of it during nighttime. You can even design your own solar-lit landscape to make your home look better at night.


Key Takeaway

Literally, these extraordinary uses of solar panels are lit. Solar panels do not only help save you from expensive utility charges and minimize the pressure on utility grids, but it also allows you to customize your own energy resource. The use of solar energy in the Philippines is definitely a huge advantage!


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