What kept us up last night?

This summer is blazing and scorching hot. We can’t seem to figure out how to keep the lights on for our country. At Solaric, we are consulted and polled by energy experts and government policymakers in the Philippines about solar systems. Right now, behind the scenes, hard answers are being sought on why there are rotational power outages. Are there enough energy sources to keep our lights on? An endless stream of question marks and big what IF’s stem from the consciousness. What if the earthquake was a Richter intensity 7 or 8? Should we start installing diesel gensets at home? Would there still be fuel after a major earthquake? How do we make our grid resilient without making power rates go up?


Our priority is our future

At Solaric, we think beyond just selling solar panels and systems, as we are looking at the bigger picture such as the environment, the economic and energy security of our country, and the future of our planet. For years, we have been advising the legislators and the executive branch that red tape must be reduced, permitting costs so that the average Juan Cruz would only have to pay hundreds – not thousands – for permits to install solar panels. Ideally, the Philippines should seek energy solutions that will promote economic growth, increase jobs and indigenous sources of energy.


Reserves are way too low

This time, in the midst of the summer heat and season, our power reserves have dropped so low that red alerts were issued, resulting in forced outages and rotational brownouts. Even worse, the recent earthquake has brought some major power plants to its knees, graduating the problem from bad to worse.


Batteries vs no batteries

For the most part, we advocate the use of battery-less systems, otherwise known as grid tie systems, as these are designed for maximum savings, plus they support the national grid by supplying excess or surplus power from the solar system to our thirsty distribution lines. Major utilities and cooperatives in the country have been accepting them by the thousands because it helps them deal with system losses and renewable energy standards. Now, however, in light of the law of supply and demand, we are facing the threat of rising energy prices because the tighter the supplies get, the more diesel genset they turn on.


We’ve got backup

After this week’s earthquake, knowledgeable power sector people are asking for our military spec package of the brownout-proof solar house specifically with our lithium battery systems. We have these systems designed for the power apocalypse and pray that our customers do not have to use its “bawal brownout” features. Unfortunately, given our fragile energy infrastructure, it is no longer tin-foil-hat thinking.


What you can do for your country

In the realm of power, what are the best things you can do for your country? If there is an active red alert, then it would be best if you refrain from using aircon and other electric appliances, if not entirely necessary at that moment. If you are a hero or Jose Rizal, or if you want to decrease and eliminate your electric bill permanently and make more money than a time deposit, if you want to stop paying Asia’s second highest rates for electricity, if you want to pump Megawatts of energy to the grid, if you want to achieve ROI in 4 to 5 years – then you should get solar.


Turn on the sun

Solaric has established its name across the renewable industry as a proven and reputable rooftop solar leader. Solaric has installed more than 50% of residential rooftop solar, and remains the number one choice for corporate and industrial solar projects and solar systems in the Philippines.


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