1.5kW Solar Panel Grid Tied System


Product Description

Recommended for homes with P6,000 to P10,000 monthly electric bills- Or if you want to run a small 1hp and below aircon during the day. If nobody is home during the day but you have multiple fridges, this is for you, too! OR, if you have an office running something about 1200W+ during the DAYTIME hours. This will effectively run your refrigerator, washing machine, and even a small aircon during hot days. This is a 6 panel build with a wifi monitoring system so you can monitor how much you’re harvesting when the sun is shining, in real-time

1.5kWp Build (6 panels)
Best if you have a Meralco monthly bill which ranges from:
P6,000 – P10,000+
Price installed (normal roof, up to 10m of wiring, vat-ex)
PHP 139,500.00
Years to ROI
4.6 years
Average monthly Meralco savings
PHP 2,500
Total life production of power first ten years
PHP 300,000.00
Total life production of power twenty years
PHP 600,000.00
Total production at end of 25 year product life
PHP 750,000.00

Price is for a typical house roof, like a GI sheet roof, and no shading above the roof like trees, power lines, next door building, etc. with an accessible 30 amp home run to circuit breaker with earth ground already.

Not all houses are the same. If you need extra long cable runs from inverter to panel board, a tiled roof which needs a lot more TLC, or some extra ordinary wiring work or roofing structural support work, we have to inspect and give you a customized quote. Pricing above does not include any permitting fees, if required.

1.5KW solar panels philippines

1.5KW solar panels Philippines

What can a 1.5 kW system power?
A 1.5kW system is recommended for homes with P6,000 to P10,000 monthly electric bills, or if a small air conditioner is run during the day, someone is always home, OR there are multiple fridges (even if nobody is home during the daytime). You will harvest an average of 6.75kWh of usable daytime power.

Pricing Includes:
• 1 -Premium Grade 1.5 kW string grid-tied inverter with wi-fi and DC disconnect, online monitoring available
• 6 units of JA Solar 270Wp Crystalline solar panels.
• Design of solar panel array layout
• AC Disconnect, PV cabling, outdoor rated fusebox, MC4 connectors, and mounting system for aluminum roof
• Assistance in filling out Meralco Net-Metering application forms if you will be applying
• Setting up your system so you can check your harvest anywhere you have internet. (You must have wifi in your house within range of your inverter to do this)

Installation Cost & Add ons:
• Installation included for 6 panels on your roof, wiring to inverter – includes up to 15 meters of wiring (enough for a normal roof). This is for easy rooftop access.
• If your roof has a very steep pitch, or is a “complicated roof”, a survey needs to be done to give an estimate for installation.

Payment Terms & Delivery:
• 50% downpayment, 25% upon delivery & 25% upon energization. We usually have this in stock and can be on your roof within a week or so.
• We need to wait for check clearing prior to delivery.
• Installation takes a minimum of 1 entire day, sometimes 2 days.

• Grid-tie inverter has a standard 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, extendable to 10 to 25 years. We can lend you a loaner inverter while waiting for manufacturer to repair or replace your unit if necessary, but this is rare.
• Panels have a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years (5 years of which we do a straight swap locally) and 25 year power output guarantee. Estimated de-rating of power is 10% on the 10th year and 20% on the 25th year. We can lend you a loaner panel if available while you wait for replacement.
• Mounting and panels are rated for 200KPH winds


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