CLEANING SOLAR PANELS: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?

CLEANING SOLAR PANELS: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?

Do solar panels need to be cleaned? Is there a certain way that solar panels need to be cared for? What is the actual maintenance protocol for solar panels?

To help make things bright and clear for our homeowners, business professionals and entrepreneurs with solar panels in the Philippines, Solaric is here to answer the solar panel concerns. We look at what to clean them with, how to clean them, where the dirt came from, who should clean them, when and how often.


The usual suspects

The unusual suspects

The typical, common suspects that block solar panels are dust, leaves, and water. Such particles can cause regular problems because they build up and accumulate grime over the years. Usually, dust does not usually have an effect because sunlight can still shine through. Solar experts suggest that the rain will take care of the dust on the solar panels.

“The panel efficiency is reduced when there is accumulated dust, but it is a very minimal and insignificant number, approximately 5% or less,” said Jade De Guzman, Vice President of Solaric. “On the other hand, regular cleaning, even with that dust, will improve efficiency by about 5%.”

There are solar arrays or systems that are located in dusty areas, or highly polluted locations, or near farmlands, or beside main roads. In such instances, special attention should be given because these solar panels accumulate more dust and dirt, and thus require more frequent cleaning.


And then there’s bird poop

Solar professionals agree that the public enemy number one of solar: bird droppings. Solar panel systems with microinverters, which are inverters attached to each separate solar panel, are affected because when one panel is covered with bird droppings, that inverter will stop showing current flow.


Tilt and angle too

Tilt and angle too

Tilt or angle factor is another to consider. Flat solar panels will require more cleaning because water and dirt accumulated will leave residues.


Who you gonna call?

Cleaning solar panels can be done by yourself, but it is recommended to call in the professionals because they have the equipment and technical expertise to be on that roof, and falling off will not be a hazard.


How do I clean the solar panels?

How do I clean the solar panels?

For the DIY-ers, materials can easily be found at home. You just need water and a non-abrasive sponge to apply soapy water. Mild detergent can be used if the birds left their droppings, but do make sure that there are no harmful or strong chemicals that could be left behind on the solar panels. Make sure that you don’t scratch the solar panels in any way. You can use a normal hose, or even a pail and dipper. Do not use anything high-pressure, as it may cause damage.


Always safety first

Anyone who goes on a roof must take extra precautions. He must be in safety attire, with a hard hat and safety harness. There should be a rope attached to the safety harness to prevent the technician from falling to the ground.

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