Can My Business Run on Solar Power?

Can My Business Run on Solar Power?


Solar power for businesses offers long-term benefits like cost savings and energy independence. Consider energy needs, site details, and panel quality.

Economic instability makes it hard to make more long-term predictions. Factors such as stock market fluctuations, interest rate changes, and other unexpected disasters can make businesses vulnerable. The key to surviving these is future-proofing your business operation, and one solution to this is switching to renewable energy.

Shifting to nontraditional energy sources can be alarming especially when electricity is important in business operations. If you’re doubting this change and asking yourself, “Can my business run on solar power?” Then this article is for you.

Why consider solar power for your business?

Why consider solar power for your business?

Apart from preparing for the future, businesses that are producing and storing their energy have multiple benefits such as electricity bill reduction, energy independence, tax incentives, better business brand, and property appreciation.

With solar power, your business can join the community of not only cheaper bills but also the phenomenon of the zero-bill, achieving energy independence from the city’s grid. Harvesting your energy also changes your brand’s reputation by becoming a part of a greener community of businesses that support social advocacies. It means that you take your corporate social responsibilities seriously, attracting more customers and investors with the same beliefs while leaving a smaller impact on the environment.

Factors to Consider When Switching Your Business to Solar Power

Factors to Consider When Switching Your Business to Solar Power

If you’re thinking of switching to more sustainable and greener practices of sourcing energy, these are the factors you need to consider:

Energy Consumption

In switching to renewable energy, it is best to assess how much electricity your business needs to operate smoothly. Some factors that affect energy consumption are the weather or the season, distance from transmission lines, office lighting, air conditioning, and office equipment.

Reviewing your energy consumption is the key to knowing how much solar power you need to harvest. This ensures that your business operates efficiently while benefiting from the transition to a more sustainable practice.

Roof Size

To put it in the context of agriculture, a solar panel is to seed as a roof is to the soil. Roof size matters in accommodating solar panels for lower electricity costs. The bigger the available space means more potential in achieving the zero bill phenomenon, but this also means the higher the cost of installation.

If your business is located in a smaller area with a small to limited roof size, you can still plan accordingly and experience the benefit of extra support in operation costs with solar power. Planning a layout for solar panels is also a key to maximizing the space.

Sun Exposure

Sun exposure is vital for efficient energy production. Southern exposures typically receive optimal sunlight, but other factors like building height and geographic location influence exposure.

Large businesses in tall buildings often have better exposure than smaller enterprises. Assess your location’s surroundings to understand shade patterns. Geographic factors, like those in the Philippines, also impact sun exposure. Regions with consistent sunshine benefit more than rainy areas or those prone to typhoons.

Site Complexities

Apart from shading and geographic location, site complexities can include the quality and angle of the roof and accessibility for the part of the installer.

The ideal roof is at an angle between 15 and 40 degrees and facing south for the best sun exposure throughout the day. East and west are also considered to be good sun harvesting directions but the north is rarely considered because it has no direct sunlight.

For bigger businesses or factories that are planning to produce and store their energy in a vast land area, factors like soil conditions and terrain should be considered before ground-mounting the solar panels.

Quality of Solar Panels

The investment in solar panels is only as good as its quality. In choosing the right solar panel types, brands, and installation packages, business owners should consider a multitude of things to make sure that they can get the benefits.

Consider that your solar panels are always exposed to weather and climate conditions. The quality of the materials such as solar frames, electric wires or cables, conductors, and inverters are essential to research and review, ensuring longevity. Furthermore, the durability of the design and installation are also important factors to guarantee safety and efficiency in your business investment.

Why Trust Solaric for Your Business’s Solar Power Needs?

Business owners frequently inquire, “Can my business run on solar power?” Solaric confidently responds with a resounding “Yes!”

Solaric is your reliable and attested business partner for quality investments in sustainability. We value high standards in our equipment installation by our skilled in-house team at an affordable price with a warranty. Our track record is proof of our commitment to giving the best solar power solutions to Filipinos across the country.

Key Takeaway

Businesses often have a lot of questions about the power of solar energy. The hesitation is understandable in the face of a nontraditional business operation but switching to solar energy is a great investment with long-term benefits.

With Solaric, your business investments are taken care of by a committed company whose mission is to spread the benefits of greener power nationwide. Contact us and let us help you transition to solar power with ease.


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