The Biggest Energy Consumers in Your Home

Photo by Piotr Miazga
Photo by Piotr Miazga

Each modern house is different, but what makes them similar is that they are considered home by its residents and they need electricity. Some people opt to save money when it comes to electric consumption and are happier with solar panel prices in the Philippines and using renewable source energy for their home.

That aside, have you ever looked at your electric bill and wondered which appliances consume the most energy? Listed below are every home’s biggest energy consumers.



The house lights are diverse and distributed to each room. An estimated range lights consume per month is 100-150 kWh per hour. There are energy-saving bulbs and are even environmentally friendly to use, such as LEDs and CLFs. Remember to turn off the lights when a room is empty, except when it’s only going to be empty for a couple of minutes to save energy.



It is fairly unavoidable to unplug freezers or refrigerators because if you do, the food inside will spoil! The average energy range of this appliance is from 200-400 kWh per month. Refrigerators that are already more than 10 years old tend to consume more energy, so in the long run it’s better to buy a new one. New refrigerators nowadays have a power saving option recommended to be used during the nighttime.


Water heater

Water heaters are used in the showers, cleaning or ironing clothes, and washing the dishes. Studies in the U.S. show that they consumes about 12% of the overall energy used in a home. The average consumption per month is estimated around 400-600 kWh, which is even higher than the refrigerator!



Air-conditioning units are notorious for being consuming the most energy, with an average consumption of 400-800 kWh per month. An AC with inverter are the best electricity-saving AC units in the market, as the power they consume depends on the temperature of the incoming air as well as the level set in the thermostat. Setting the thermostat to 25 degree Celsius is highly recommended to save energy. Each degree you adjust will increase the cost!


The items on this list probably didn’t come as a shock, but it’s still a good reminder. Unplug appliances when they’re not in use (with the exception of the refrigerator of course). When an appliance is nearing replacement, do your research in advance and find out which units consume the least energy. You may even find alternatives that are solar-powered!


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