How to Get the Best Deal in Our Solar Panel Priced in the Philippines

How to Get the Best Deal in Our Solar Panel Priced in the Philippines

How to get the best deal in solar panels priced in the Philippines? Learn how it works, find out what is the best setup for your needs and even learn how to install it by yourself via our Solar 101 & 202 seminars.

The use of solar energy to replace or reduce paying for grid power is relatively new and not yet fully understood by the general public but without a doubt is much cheaper than paying for utility as it lasts for decades; and has no moving parts and packs more than enough power to run multiple air cons with our scorching Philippine sun.

It is rather unusual that a solar installation company teaches its “trade secrets” on how solar works and connecting it down to the nuts and bolts level. At Solaric, we have a different philosophy on how we do business. Solar energy could never be monopolized, controlled by the oligarchs, but an energy resource that is free to all. We simply teach how to harness it, make it run our electrical appliances that make our modern lifestyles possible, and in some cases produce ZERO electric bill.

The language of solar derived electricity is rather simple but implementation a little bit complex to some as it needs fundamentals in physics, energy, mechanical, and even political considerations as we connect it to the national grid that needs our excess power, especially when it’s hot.

We have come out with a single weekend seminar that allows homeowners, business men, and even professional electrical engineers to grasp concepts that are unique to Solar PV and what it means to bring down their electric bill or run a remote off grid installation.

Since not everyone will be installing their own setups, it is divided into two segments, Solar 101 and Solar 202 workshop.

Solar 101 is an 8 hour class that covers the basics of electrical energy, Volts, Amps, Kw vs Kwh to ensure the class has a firm grasp of electrical ABC’s, then midday into the technical and sizing ratios of the number of solar panels to kWh demand. In the afternoon, we will be discussing different types of solar systems, installation pitfalls to watch for, and how to get net metering so you don’t need to waste money on short lived batteries.

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On the other hand, Solar 202 works on the theories from 101 but progressively more technical with wire sizing calculations, voltage matching, racking of solar modules, and live wiring of systems. This is compulsory training for those wanting to buy solar equipment but without prior solar experience, or seasoned practitioners to level up with globally accepted safety standards.

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How effective is our class?

Attendees can determine what size of solar works best for them and have us install a system at discounted prices worth much more than the P5k seminar fee. This is how smart homeowners get solar installed at lower than published prices, learn what they need from their own calculations and matched to their lifestyle.

The cost for the seminar is P5000 for Solar 101 and P5000. Solar 202 graduates will have access to our installer component rates and after sales tech support to get their projects going. For information about the upcoming seminar dates, you may click here.

We have been running this seminar for three years and the current result is MWh’s of clean renewable energy produced every day and casting doubt on a feasibility study for another polluting coal plant.

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