Concerns regarding air quality did not just start due to the increasing awareness of climate change or due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The concerns started during the middle ages and intensified during the industrialization era when coal and fossil fuel became the prevalent source of energy that powers homes and businesses.

Masks were invented to protect workers individually from toxic fumes and mines. It wasn’t until WW1 that the famous high-efficiency particulate air filter or HEPA came to light and during the postwar period that the technology was allowed to be marketed for commercial use as what we now know as “air purifiers”.

Air purifiers in today’s modern world

Air purifiers in today’s modern world

COVID-19 has enabled air purifiers to gain the spotlight and public interest, especially during its peak, because this new and invisible enemy greatly changed what we perceived as ‘normal.’

The emerging advancement in air purifier technologies has greatly improved its capability in removing contaminants in our air. Solaric’s AirSAFE is a by-product of the pandemic, highly loved and commended by our clients, that is now sitting in thousands of homes, clinics, businesses, offices, and hospitals.

The AirSAFE advantage

The AirSAFE advantage

For only Php 7,000, the #AirSAFE40 has everything that you need for air security. With its internal UV treatment, particulate/odor sensors, HEPA and carbon filters, and clean air delivery rate of 150m3/h can effectively improve indoor air quality and its surrounding area. The AirSAFE is very beneficial for those who suffer from allergies, asthmatics, and second-hand smoke without further producing harmful byproducts like ozone. It has readily available replacement filters in the market that you can easily buy in our online stores.

If you are looking for something that you can highly rely on for clean, healthy, and safe indoor air, then #AirSAFE is definitely for you!

Because clean air is a necessity, not a luxury
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