Paving the Way: 5 of the Most Solar-Friendly Countries

5 of the Most Solar-Friendly Countries

Which countries in the world are the most solar-friendly?

  1. Germany – The current leader in solar power usage, Germany has over 30GW worth of solar power used to power up most of the country.
  2. Italy – The country has seen a rise in solar power usage after years of using imported natural gases.
  3. China – The largest solar panel producer in the world has increased their solar power usage over the years.
  4. United States – With a number of businesses and government projects using solar energy, the United States aims to increase their usage in the upcoming years.
  5. Japan – Once the world leader in solar energy, the country aims to develop more solar panels after disaster devastated their nuclear program.


The prices of solar panels in the Philippines are becoming more and more affordable, making a transition to using renewable energy a more variable option with every day that passes. With the ability to convert the sun’s rays to electricity, solar energy is being now being seen as a major energy resource around the globe.

While a lot of countries are just scratching the surface on the use of solar power, these countries listed below have been paving the way when it comes to integrating solar energy into their respective power supplies.



Germany has become the world leader in solar power usage. In terms of total usage, Germany has over 30 gigawatts of installed solar capacity. In May 2017, Germany was able to generate 85 percent of its power from renewable energy sources such as wind, biomass, hydroelectric power, and solar energy. This was made possible by the country’s commitment to turning renewable energy as their primary energy source. Non-renewable energy sources such as coal and nuclear energy are slowly being phased out, with the intention of completely shutting them down.


Being a country with no fossil fuel resources, Italy has steadily increased their solar energy usage over the past few years. This is a practical choice after years of relying on imported natural gas as a major power source. The government of Italy has also implemented various incentive schemes to further encourage the development and use of renewable energy.


The country with the largest population in the world is also one of the countries that has seen steady growth in the number of solar power installations in the past few years. The increase of solar panel installations can be attributed to their low cost and availability in the country. Being the largest producer of solar panels in the world, China aims to increase their renewable energy supply in the near future.

United States

Granted, the United States has been the world leader in the usage in non-renewable energy. However, the powerful country has reached a number of solar power milestones and an increase of renewable energy usage. Various companies, along with the government, have transitioned to installing and relying on solar panels. With the number of solar panel projects increasing in the country, the United States aims to catch up and become one of the biggest users of this sustainable energy.


Japan was the first country in the world to reach 1 GW, and became one of the leaders in solar power during the 90s and the early 2000s. This slowed down for several years due to the expansion of nuclear power. In 2012, Japan renewed their focus on solar energy plants after the devastating 2011 earthquake caused damage to their nuclear power plants. Once a world leader, Japan looks to become one again in the future.


Key Takeaway

With many of the world’s most powerful countries turning to the use of renewable energy, the practice is slowly making its way to other countries. For third-world countries like the Philippines, solar power is at its early stages but has the potential to grow at a steady rate. Have you made the transition yet?



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