Solaric Unveils the MACHO Box and Starts Talking


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Manila, Philippines
April 4, 2019


Unboxing the Macho Box

Unboxing the Macho Box

Solaric caused another mind-blowing disruption in the Philippine solar system spectrum this week when they unveiled the MACHO Box. What is it? It is the Mobile All Conditions High Output Box. In essence, it’s Solaric’s newest portable power solution, good for disaster management, military uses, electrification, and power support. There are three models: Macho 1000, Macho 2000, and Macho 3000, with variations in wattage output, battery capacity, watt-hour rating, size, dimension, and weight. The Macho Box is rugged and can withstand all types of outdoor conditions. “Any respectable man would want to own one of these,” says Solaric Corp.’s President Mike De Guzman (MDG). He subjected the Macho 3,000 to various tests as the audience watched in awe. The box managed to power an espresso machine, a refrigerator, and an aircon. MDG took it a step further. He left the aircon running, attached only to Macho Box power, as he sat there and entertained us during the interview.


What’s in store for us

MDG shared his vision for his company’s immediate future – and it was, as usual, filled with monumental disruptions. “I’m absolutely certain that 2019 will be the year of solar disruptions,” he told the audience. “All signs are clearly pointing towards the future that we don’t just envision, but one that we NEED. We need to realign our goals and create a fully sustainable and renewable future.”


It’s a lifestyle

It’s a lifestyle

MDG went on to tackle some current issues and concerns among the homeowners and citizens. “Everything is falling into place. Let’s just pray that Net Metering because easy and hassle-free. Let’s count on the policy makers laying down ground rules that make sense. I imagine a tomorrow in which every single Filipino will join the clamor for solar and make it their lifestyle – because of two simple reasons: you save money and you save the planet. Why would you need any other reason to turn on the sun?”


All about the sun

“Solaric is definitely not just about installing solar panel systems and delivering solar solutions. We promote a clean and renewable lifestyle. We advocate clean energy. Today, we spend as much time devoting ourselves to massive community outreach projects as we did when we first started.”


When asked why, MDG shrugged and replied, “The way I see it, in theory, we all live under one roof. So every night I go to bed and I dream of a sustainable future because it is the only thing that matters.”


Turn on the sun

At Solaric, we prioritize service and value. We determine the best ways to maximize your return on a hard-earned investment. We present different strategies to ensure that you achieve your solar goals. We want to ensure reduced expenses and increased savings so that you make that one-time wise business and environmental investment.


We always do our best to deliver fast, efficient, and thorough customer service. We are in the business of not just selling solar panels – but also enabling solar-powered lifestyles. With this, we want to provide endless happiness by delivering Solaric Service Satisfaction, ranging from permanent reduction of electric bills to the ultimate ZERO bill.


Solaric is the leader in rooftop solar

Solaric has established its name across the renewable industry as a proven and reputable rooftop solar leader. Backed by decades of experience, Solaric has installed more than 50% of residential rooftop solar systems in the Philippines and has delivered significant cost reductions in electricity expenses, as well as milestone contributions to a cleaner, greener, and renewable future. Solaric is now zoning in on corporate and industrial projects to offer them the same cost reductions. Solaric is the recognized leader in solar panel installations in the Philippines. The Solaric installers and engineers are well-known troubleshooting experts. They work hard to ensure that solar panel systems run efficiently and seamlessly so that every single homeowner with rooftop solar can enjoy the benefits of clean and renewable power. Welcome to the new generation of solar and turning on the sun.


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