How Do You Know If It’s Time to Get Rooftop Solar?

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Manila, Philippines
April 23, 2019


How bad is El Niño?

The weather is ridiculously hot and extreme. On top of that, it is made worse by climate change. They say 2019 is the hottest year in recorded human history. Even the United Nations confirmed in an analysis that the last four years were the hottest in terms of global temperature records, which is, in fact a “clear sign of continuing long-term climate change”.

So, it is in fact true. There is indeed an urgent and critical need for action to address climate change and global warming in the Philippines through the use of solar systems. Another striking fact is this: the 20 warmest years in history all occurred within the last 22 years.

Additionally, increased temperatures are also known to contribute to extreme weather conditions such as droughts, hurricanes, and flash floods. In the Arctic and Antarctica, even the sea ice cover is melting. Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are getting smaller. This is our present-day reality.


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Yet much of the world continues to rely on fossil fuels. This means that greenhouse gases will continue to be emitted and will continue to increase. Heat will continue to be trapped in the atmosphere. In other words, this means there will be more heat in the coming years.

“We cannot seem to make a clear, concise decision, especially when it comes to climate change and the planet’s future,” says Jade De Guzman, Vice President of Solaric Corp. “It’s like knowing the fire is burning hot, yet we stick our fingers in the flame anyway. I don’t know how else to put it. Clear and present danger. The Arctic will no longer have sea ice – and this is the first, in the last one billion years. The question is: are we prepared? What are we doing about it?”


Answer the question

Are we ready for the consequences of such a global occurrence? Such changes will adversely affect everything we know: agriculture, economics, climate, food, biology, life.

“The truth is, we can most certainly keep up with the pace of global warming. Simply by keeping up with technology. We know this, and we are aware of this. But are we doing anything about it?” asks Mike De Guzman, President of Solaric Corp. “Are you adopting a clean, sustainable, and renewable lifestyle?”

The goal is to reduce or eliminate greenhouse gases. The goal is renewable energy. Norway is already over 97% renewable. Half of Sweden is onboard. Germany recently announced that it is shutting down all of its coal plants.

California was the first to lead the solar trend. Last year, China installed more than half the world market of global PV. Yet, here in the Philippines, what are the homeowners, companies, and entire industries doing to increase their renewable energy usage to reduce waste and emissions, and transition to more sustainable living?


What about us?

With the Solar Adoption Act being brewed, the Philippines is clearly on the renewable path towards a more sustainable 2030.

“If the Philippines does its part to reverse climate change, our country needs to install at least 300 MegaWatts a year of solar,” emphasizes Mike De Guzman, “because for the world, they may be halfway through their renewable transition journeys but for us Filipinos, the solar revolution is just getting started.”


Turn on the sun

Solaric has established its name across the renewable industry as a proven and reputable rooftop solar leader. Solaric has installed more than 50% of residential rooftop solar, and remains the number one choice for corporate and industrial solar projects.

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At Solaric, we Turn on the Sun.



Regina Rome is a solar analyst with the Solar Digital Squad Research.


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