Solar Panels for Homes Pricing Options

250W Micro Grid Tie

P33kmost roofs
  • Nobody is home in the daytime on most days. Only a medium sized refrigerator is on.
  • Savings
  • About P350 to P480/month, year-round average

500Wp Micro Grid Tie

P66kmost roofs
  • Barely anybody is home in the daytime – a medium to large fridge is on, and maybe a fan and some lights and a TV.
  • Savings
  • About P800 to P950/month, year-round average


P120kmost roofs
  • Barely anybody is home in the daytime, but there are 2 refrigerators, washing machine multiple times a week, a few fans, lights, and some computers left plugged in.
  • Savings
  • About P1,650/month, year-round average

1.5kWp Grid Tie

P170kmost roofs
  • About P2,500/month, year-round savings, or the liberty to run an aircon for FREEE specially during the hot summer days when the sun is scorching
  • Savings
  • About P2,500/month, year-round average

3kWp Grid Tie

P308kmost roofs
  • I normally use (or want to be able to use) a 1.5 to 2hp aircon in the daytime, plus have my big fridge/s on, fans and lights, tv, and do occasional laundry.
  • Savings
  • About P5,000/month, year-round average

5kWp Grid Tie

P496kmost roofs
  • I normally use (or want to be able to use) a 2 to 4hp aircon in the daytime, or I have more than 2 refrigerators and a pool pump, or have lots of computers and fans or appliances running in the daytime.
  • Savings
  • About P8,000/month, year-round average

Solar on your rooftop is a no-brainer. The panels last 25+ years, with a 25 year power output guarantee and a 10 year workmanship warranty against manufacturer’s defects. We warranty the entire system for 5 years locally.

No Batteries Needed

Grid Tied means there are no batteries used to store energy generated. All surplus energy is sold or credited back to the utility. This translates to a simpler installaion process and less equipment required. If you want a battery-based system for brownout preparedness, download our flyer here to see some packages