Solaric implements grid tied solar solutions. This means solar power becomes FIRST PRIORITY in your home or business, when the sun is shining. NO BATTERIES!Here’s a scenario:

You have 5kWp of solar panels on your roof. It’s 10AM on a hot summer morning. Your system is harvesting 3,500W right now. However, you’re running 4hp of aircon, your electric dryer and a water pump, and you actually need 7,500W. Well, the first 3,500W is already being supplied by your rooftop. The remaining 4,000W will be supplied by Meralco / Your power company. This is all automatic. The grid tie inverter that Solaric installed automatically synchronizes with the grid (Meralco or your local power company). No flickering, no switching, and best of all – no batteries!

Here’s another scenario:
You have 3kWp of solar panels on your roof. It’s harvesting 2000W right now. Nothing is on except a fridge and a computer so only 300W is being consumed. Where does the extra 1700W go? Well, if you signed up for NET METERING with your Power Company, your meter will actually reverse and they will credit you for the kWh you exported. You can use this at night. Right now, they only credit for blended generation charge, not 1:1 value. But its just as good as batteries. Why? Because:

BATTERIES COST A LOT OF MONEY – Batteries need to be maintained. Batteries can only be drained 30% to have a decent service life. Batteries take up space, and batteries have losses. So if you put 1000Wh into a battery bank, do not expect to get 1000Wh out of it. There’s about 15% chemical and heat loss, then there’s about 10% in inverter losses when LOW VOLTAGE DC becomes AC. This is why we advise GRID TIE with NO BATTERIES if your primary goal is to SAVE MONEY. Cut out all your DAYTIME loads, let the sun power your DAYTIME loads. At night, use Meralco/your power company. Apply for net metering if you have excess power.

The usage of batteries in everyday solar builds for bill reduction purposes¬†is “old school”. I know what you’re saying.. “but, but, but….nobody is home in the daytime, and I want to use all the solar energy I harvested in the daytime at NIGHT, when I’m actually home!” – Apply for NET METERING, my friend, and never have to deal with battery acid again.

Now, if your problem is brownout and you need power backup, then that is when battery use becomes essential and recommended. However, don’t expect to run your airconditioner, that’s not economical at all.

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