At Solaric, we not only install systems, but we provide equipment for "do it yourself" solar aficionados, solar installers, electrical contractors, and other solar systems integrators. We don't sell un-certifiable or "cheap" equipment. We only sell "IEC-spec" or "Solaric-Strong" equipment that have passed our in-house torture testing for durability, reliability, and of course affordability.We have factory-direct sourcing from the world's leading brands of solar equipment, and have done numerous factory visits to inspect the processes, procedures, and certifications of our suppliers. We not only source - we also test, inspect, and ensure you get respectable, certifiable, and value-for-money equipment.

TECHNICAL & WARRANTY Our in-house design team will also help you design your project. There are many ways to do solar, but only a few ways to do it RIGHT. We have designed, built, installed, and supplied thousands of solar installations all around the Philippines. Our clients and dealers can capitalize on our experience. We have a no-nonsense warranty, which means we honor our warranties locally and even have service units to swap out with so you have very minimal downtime.

DELIVERY Solar panels are bulky at 1m x 1.6m so it won't fit your average sedan - but no need for you to make "arkila" a jeep - we got trucks! We deliver for free within Metro Manila with a minimum order of 2 solar panels, or 1 inverter. We also have unmarked trucks so we can deliver straight to your jobsite.



Complete Solar Systems Offgrid, grid tie, hybrid - you name it, we got it!