Solaric Portable Solar MAG 50

MAG50 Portable Solar System 50W

Product Description

This is the bigger brother of the MIG 30. The MAG 50 includes a 50w panel with the same freebies: 2 pieces of 3W LED bulb in 12V. 12v Fan, USB phone charger and of course MP3 player and FM radio. All in a study aluminum casing. Main difference is you can run small 220v appliances such as LED TV, laptops etc up to 150w with a modified sine inverter built into this bad boy. Our engineers made it a point to have an external battery port for additional 12v battery as the panel is a potent 50w unit that can easily charge the internal 24Ah battery. We fully charged a laptop from 0 battery,  and still have lights all night long and it was raining the whole day.
Product is now approved for bedside duty. Day job is to charge all gadgets, brownout job source of light and communications.
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